Gold Paper

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Welcome to our roundup of the latest and greatest in the world of gold paper products. From decorative stationery to luxurious jewelry, we’ve curated a selection of the finest gold paper items available on the market today. Get ready to elevate your everyday experiences with these stunning, gold-infused products.

The Top 8 Best Gold Paper

  1. Ultra Classy Matte Gold Gift Wrapping Paper — Transform any gift into a shimmering masterpiece with JAM’s 25 square feet of premium Matte Gold Foil Wrapping Paper, perfect for weddings, anniversaries, and special occasions.
  2. Sparkly Gold Foil Art & Craft Paper Pack — Transform your arts and crafts projects with these 50-Pack Gold Foil Metallic Cardboard Sheets, perfect for creating stunning embellishments and backgrounds, with a durable and easy-to-cut design.
  3. Metallic Gold Foil Cardstock Sheets for Crafts & DIY Projects — Add a touch of luxury and sparkle to your DIY projects and event decorations with this 60-pack of high-quality golden metallic paper sheets from KOFOT.
  4. 100 Metallic Silver Foil Cardstock for Festive Decor — Unlock boundless creativity with 100 pieces of metallic golden foil mirror cardstock from SHUESS — perfect for festive, birthday, wedding, or business decorations, and featuring durable, long-lasting golden glitter design.
  5. Metallic Gold Foil Board — Premium Quality Crafting Paper for Professional Designs — Elevate your greeting card game with our luxury Gold Foil Papers, premium materials, and easy-to-use compatibility for Die Cut and Plotter machines.
  6. Glossy Stainless Steel Gold Wallpaper for Furniture — Upgrade your home décor with Veelike’s gold stainless steel contact paper, an elegant solution to protect your metal surfaces and prevent rust while effortlessly blending style and convenience.
  7. Luxury Recycled A4 Paper with Pearlescent Gold Shimmer — Elevate your printing game with the stunning, eco-friendly A4 Gold Peregrina Real Gold Colour Pearlescent 32lb Bond Double Sided Paper, perfect for Inkjet and Laser Printers.
  8. Shimmering Gold Foil Cardstock Paper — Recollections Gold Foil 65lb Cardstock Paper adds a dazzling touch of sophistication to your papercraft projects, available in various colors, and perfect for creating stunning trinket boxes, photo frames, collages, and envelopes.

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Ultra Classy Matte Gold Gift Wrapping Paper


As I sat down to wrap my dear friend’s birthday present, my eyes sparkled with excitement as I unrolled the Jam Gold Gift Wrap Paper. The matte gold color shone beautifully, adding an elegant touch to my gift. Its lustrous allure caught the light in a way that made even the simplest of presents look like something special.

I appreciate that this wrap paper is substantial, allowing for crisp lines and minimal wrinkles. As I wrapped the gift, it felt sturdy, and I could sense the quality craftsmanship. It made me want to wrap more gifts for friends and family, and even plan for future events like weddings or showers.

The gold wrap paper is versatile and perfect for various occasions, not just gifts but also for crafting or decorative purposes. I can see it complementing my home decor and accessories in beautiful ways.

However, I can’t help but notice that the price tag seems slightly high for a paper roll. But with the quality and durability it offers, I think it’s worth the investment for a touch of luxury in my gift-giving routine.

Sparkly Gold Foil Art & Craft Paper Pack


I’ve been using the 50-pack Metallic Cardboard Sheets in Gold Foil from Bright Creations for my arts and crafts projects lately, and I must say, they’re quite the game-changer. The gold foil finish adds a touch of elegance and sparkle that’s perfect for backgrounds, embellishments, and even paper crafts.

One feature that really resonates with me is the cardboard paper material. It’s sturdy and easy to cut — a big plus for someone like me who’s not always the most patient when it comes to cutting things. However, I did notice that mistakes are quite visible on these sheets, so I’d be extra cautious when using them.

The dimensions of each sheet are also quite handy, fitting perfectly into letter-sized projects. And having 50 sheets in one pack makes it a convenient choice for those who need a lot of gold foil in their crafts.

In terms of cons, I found the sheets a bit hard to crease. This isn’t a deal-breaker, but it might be something to consider for those who plan on bending or folding the sheets a lot. Despite this minor setback, overall, I’m quite satisfied with the product and think it’s definitely worth a try for any arts and crafts enthusiast.

Metallic Gold Foil Cardstock Sheets for Crafts & DIY Projects


I had the pleasure of using the Gold Metallic Paper Sheets for a DIY project, and I must say, these shimmering sheets truly transformed my project. With their 60-pack and 8.5-inch x 11-inch size, there were plenty of sheets to work with, providing versatility in shapes and sizes.

The white back was a pleasant surprise, as it allowed for a clean contrast that truly showcased the golden metallic foil. The paper is single-sided, making it ideal for cutting or folding into various intricate designs, which were easily achieved with my cutting machine. However, I did find that the paper was a bit delicate, requiring a gentle hand during the cutting process.

Overall, I recommend these sheets for paper crafters and DIY enthusiasts looking to add a touch of luxury to their projects.

100 Metallic Silver Foil Cardstock for Festive Decor


I recently came across the Shuess 100pcs Metallic Golden Foil Mirror Cardstock and I must say it’s been a game-changer in my crafting projects. Its gold reflective surface is simply mesmerizing and adds an elegant touch to my creations.

It’s versatile, too! . I’ve used it for decorating invitations at a friend’s wedding and making cute party decorations for my little one’s birthday.

The white side is also useful for designing intricate patterns, and cutting them out in any shape or form is a breeze. However, I did notice that it’s a bit more challenging to fold compared to regular cardstock.

But overall, it’s a beautiful investment for those who love gold and sparkles in their crafts.

Metallic Gold Foil Board — Premium Quality Crafting Paper for Professional Designs


I finally tried out this metallic gold cardstock paper, and I must say, it’s quite a delight to work with! . It’s a luxe addition to any project, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

This mirror finish surface will make your designs pop! . The quality of the material is worth the price — it’s tough, durable, and can handle cutting machines like a pro.

I especially enjoyed the freedom of creating intricate designs without worrying about peeling or tearing the foil off. It’s a game-changer, truly. So, if you’re looking to make an impression, this gold paper cardstock is perfect! .

Glossy Stainless Steel Gold Wallpaper for Furniture


When I first tried the VEELIKE Gold Stainless Steel Contact Paper, I was impressed by how easy it was to use. The metallic gold color was a beautiful addition to my kitchen appliances, instantly giving them an upscale look. The self-adhesive vinyl film was simple to stick and remove, without leaving any glue residue behind.

The high temperature resistance made it perfect for my kitchen, where other wallpapers would have gotten damaged. However, I noticed that the glossy surface showed fingerprints easily, so I had to wipe it down more frequently.

Overall, this gold paper was a practical and stylish addition to my home.

Luxury Recycled A4 Paper with Pearlescent Gold Shimmer


Recently, I had the opportunity to use the A4 Paper Gold Peregrina Real Gold Colour Pearlescent 32lb Bond Double Sided, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. This paper is perfect for printing, especially with its pearlescent gold color that has a shimmering effect. What stood out to me was its recyclability, acid-free nature, and elemental chlorine-free status, making it a great choice for the environmentally conscious.

Using it in my personal and professional projects, I found it compatible with both inkjet and laser printers, providing impressive results without any issues. However, the only downside I discovered was that it might be slightly more expensive compared to other A4 papers. Nevertheless, with its premium quality, I believe it’s worth the investment. Overall, I highly recommend this paper for those seeking a combination of practicality, eco-friendliness, and premium gold-like finish for their printed projects.

Shimmering Gold Foil Cardstock Paper


Breathe new life into your papercraft projects with the alluring Recollections Gold Foil cardstock sheets. Enhance the sophistication of your trinket boxes, photo frames, collages, and envelopes, with this enthralling metallic paper that instantly amps up the appeal of your work.

The Gold Foil, available in various vibrant colors, is the perfect addition to your papercraft projects. With a paper size of 8.5" x 11" (21.5cm x 27.9cm), the Recollections Gold Foil cardstock sheets are easy to maneuver and accommodate a range of projects. The 65 lb. (176 gsm) paper ensures durability, while the presence of 25 sheets makes it an excellent value for your money.

The acid-free and lignin-free nature of the Gold Foil cardstock sheets makes them suitable for long-term storage of your projects, ensuring they remain in pristine condition. This paper offers a striking and sophisticated look that instantly elevates the aesthetics of your work.

However, be cautious when handling the Gold Foil, as the reflective surface reveals even the slightest imperfections. Make sure to maintain clean and dry hands while working with the paper to avoid unsightly fingerprints.

In conclusion, the Recollections Gold Foil cardstock sheets make an excellent addition to your papercraft projects, offering a stunning metallic sheen that instantly upgrades the look of your work. Despite the occasional issues with quality control and the need for extra caution when handling, these cardstock sheets are a worthy investment for any crafting enthusiast seeking to add a touch of luxury to their creations.

Buyer’s Guide

Gold paper can be a versatile and eye-catching option for various purposes. Whether you’re looking for a way to add a touch of luxury to your stationery, decorate a gift, or enhance your arts and crafts, gold paper can be an excellent choice. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to know where to start. This buyer’s guide will help you understand the important features, considerations, and general advice when it comes to selecting gold paper.


Important Features to Consider

When choosing gold paper, consider the following features to ensure you get the best product for your needs:

  1. Quality of Gold: Look for gold paper made with high-quality gold to ensure durability and vibrancy. Some options may include real gold leaf, which might be more expensive but provides a luxurious touch. Other gold papers might use a metallic coating on the surface, which can still offer an attractive finish for a fraction of the price.


  1. Thickness: The thickness of the gold paper can vary depending on the intended use. Thinner papers are generally more flexible and ideal for wrapping gifts, creating decorations, or using as a photo or card backing. On the other hand, thicker papers might be better for stationery items like writing paper or envelopes. Consider the purpose of the gold paper when selecting a thickness.

Colors and Finishes

  1. Colors and Finishes: Gold paper comes in many different colors and finishes, such as gold, bronze, copper, brass, and more. Some papers may have a subtle gold sheen, while others may have a more intense and brilliant color. Some papers may also have various textures or embossing for additional visual interest. Determine which color and finish best fit your project before making a purchase.

Durability and Environmental Impact

  1. Durability and Environmental Impact: Consider the durability of the gold paper, as it will affect how long your finished product will last. Some gold papers are water-resistant, which could be helpful if your project will be displayed outdoors or if it could come in contact with moisture. Additionally, think about the environmental impact of the gold paper. Some options might be sustainably sourced or made from recycled materials. Make sure to choose a gold paper that aligns with your environmental values if possible.


What is Gold Paper used for?

Gold Paper is a unique and valuable product that is used for various purposes such as wrapping gifts, making art and craft items, or even as a form of currency. Its high quality and luxurious appearance make it a popular choice for special occasions and events where a touch of elegance is desired. Gold Paper is also used by artists, designers, and enthusiasts for its ability to create stunning visual effects and intricate patterns.

Gold Paper comes in various shapes, sizes, and finishes, such as gold leaf, gold foil, and gold glitter paper. The different formats are suitable for different applications, and the choice of Gold Paper often depends on the desired effect and the specific use case. Overall, Gold Paper adds beauty and distinction to a wide range of applications, making it a highly sought-after product by many.


What is the difference between Gold Leaf and Gold Foil?

Gold Leaf and Gold Foil are two different types of Gold Paper that are often used interchangeably, but they have distinct characteristics that set them apart. Gold Leaf is made from thin sheets of pure gold that are typically as thin as a human hair. The gold is usually applied to a backing paper, which allows it to be easily cut and used for various applications.

On the other hand, Gold Foil is a type of Gold Paper that has a gold coating on one side, while the other side is usually made of paper or a similar material. The gold coating on Gold Foil is typically thicker than the gold layer found in Gold Leaf, and it tends to have a more reflective and shiny appearance. Gold Foil is often used for its ability to create a striking effect on packaging materials, greeting cards, and other decorative items. In summary, Gold Leaf is known for its thinness and versatility, while Gold Foil is known for its thick gold layer and reflective appearance.

How should I handle Gold Paper to prevent tarnishing?

To prevent tarnishing of Gold Paper, it is essential to handle it with care and Store it in a suitable environment. Gold Paper can tarnish and lose its luster when it comes into contact with moisture or other elements in the air. To Store Gold Paper, Place it in a dry, cool, and dark location, such as a sealed container or envelope, to protect it from exposure to moisture, light, and air.

When Handling Gold Paper, Avoid touching it with oily or greasy fingers, as this can also cause tarnishing. If you need to handle Gold Paper, it is best to use clean, dry, and non-abrasive gloves or a soft cloth to protect its surface. Proper handling and storage will help maintain the Gold Paper’s beauty and value over time.


What is the history of Gold Paper?

Gold Paper has a rich and fascinating history that dates back thousands of years. Ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, used gold leaf as a precious and luxurious material for various artistic, religious, and decorative purposes. During medieval times, the use of gold leaf became more widespread, as it was often incorporated into religious icons, artwork, and even as a form of currency.

As printing techniques evolved over the centuries, Gold Paper started to be used in the production of luxurious and exclusive materials, such as rare books, manuscripts, and greeting cards. In more recent times, the use of gold paper has become more widespread, with the development of new techniques and technologies that have made it more accessible and affordable for a wide range of applications. Today, Gold Paper remains a highly sought-after product that is used by artists, designers, and enthusiasts alike for its beauty, elegance, and versatility.

Can I cut Gold Paper?

Yes, Gold Paper can be cut, but it requires special care and attention to ensure that the surface remains undamaged and the cut edges are clean and smooth. Gold Paper, especially when it is in the form of gold leaf, is a delicate material that can be easily damaged by sharp objects or rough handling. To Cut Gold Paper, it is best to use a sharp pair of scissors or a craft knife that has a thin, pointed blade.

When Cutting Gold Paper, Hold the scissors or knife at a 45-degree angle to the surface, and use gentle pressure to make the cut. Avoid applying too much force or pressure, as this can cause the gold leaf to tear or crumble. After cutting, it is crucial to handle the Gold Paper carefully, as it can be easily scratched or damaged. To protect the surface and prevent tarnishing, it is recommended to Store Gold Paper in a dry, cool, and dark location when not in use.

How can I make my own Gold Paper?

Creating your own Gold Paper at home can be a fun and rewarding project. There are several methods you can use to achieve this, but one of the most common and straightforward methods is using gold leaf. Gold leaf is a thin sheet of pure gold that can be purchased from most craft or art supply stores.

To Make your own Gold Paper using gold leaf, you will need a few basic materials, such as a sheet of paper, mod podge, a paintbrush, and gold leaf flakes or strips. First, prepare your paper by cleaning it and removing any dirt or debris. Then, apply a layer of mod podge or another adhesive to the surface of the paper, making sure to cover it evenly. Next, apply the gold leaf flakes or strips over the adhesive, ensuring that they are aligned and smoothed down for a seamless finish.