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Welcome to our roundup of the top cabinet saws on the market! Whether you’re a seasoned woodworker or just starting out, a good cabinet saw is essential for creating precise and accurate cuts. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best options available, comparing their features, performance, and price points to help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive in and see what these remarkable tools have to offer.

The Top 20 Best Cabinet Saw

  1. Versatile Hybrid Table Saw for Professional Woodworking — Experience the perfect blend of power and precision with the Shop Fox W1837 hybrid table saw, combining the best features of cabinet and contractor saws in a single, versatile and easy-to-use package.
  2. SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw with Patented Safety System and T-Glide Fence — Experience top-notch performance and unparalleled safety with the SawStop 1.75HP Professional Cabinet Saw, featuring a patented safety system, rugged 110V motor, and compatibility with both standard and dado blades for ultimate versatility.
  3. Grizzly G0962 Hybrid Table Saw: 10" 2 HP Open-Stand Saw — Experience professional-level cutting capacity with the Grizzly G0962 open-stand hybrid table saw, featuring a single-phase motor, precision-ground cast-iron table, and exceptional dust control, all at an entry-level price point.
  4. Heavy-Duty 220V Table Saw for Efficient Woodworking — Power up precision with this 10-inch Grizzly G0651 Heavy Duty Cabinet Table Saw featuring a 52" rip capacity, digital angle display, and multiple safety features — perfect for heavy-duty woodworking applications with ease and accuracy!
  5. Premium Industrial Cabinet Table Saw with Patented Safety System — SawStop Ics51230–52 Cabinet Table Saw — Unmatched industrial-grade performance, safety, and durability in a heavy-duty, 5 HP motor, 10" blade design.
  6. Professional Woodworking Cabinet Table Saw with ISO 9001 and CSA Certification — Experience precision, safety, and durability with the Grizzly G0941 10" Cabinet Table Saw, a top-rated choice for home and professional woodworking projects.
  7. Grizzly G1023RLW Cabinet Left-Tilting Table Saw with Routing Table and Dado Capability — The Grizzly G1023RLW 10" Cabinet Left-Tilting Table Saw provides a powerful and versatile cutting experience, featuring a built-in router table and riving knife for added convenience and precision, all within a durable, high-quality design.
  8. Professional Ridgid Cast Iron Table Saw with TEFC Motor and Lifetime Service — Experience superior precision and durability with the Ridgid R4520 13 Amp 10 in. Professional Cast Iron Table Saw, featuring a 30 in. rip capacity and backed by the Industry Leading Lifetime Service Agreement for free parts and service for life.
  9. Grizzly G1023RL 10" 3 HP 240V Cabinet Left-Tilting Table Saw for Professional Use — Experience the power and precision of the Grizzly G1023RL 10" 3 HP 240V Cabinet Left-Tilting Table Saw, designed with a solid cast iron table, T-slots for miter gauge stability, and enhanced features for optimal performance.
  10. Shop Fox W1820 High-Performance 10-Inch Cabinet Table Saw — Unleash your woodworking creativity with the exceptional Shop Fox W1820 Cabinet Table Saw, featuring a high-performance 3-HP motor, extendable cast-iron table, and versatile accessories for precision cuts and flawless results.
  11. Powerful 15 Amp Table Saw with 4x4 Cutting Capacity — The Skil 15 Amp 10 in Table Saw is a powerful jobsite table saw with 4x4 cutting capacity, easy blade alignment, and integrated folding stand, making it a must-have for woodworking professionals and hobbyists alike.
  12. Powerful 5 HP Cabinet Table Saw for Ultimate Cutting Capacity — Unleash precision and power with the Grizzly G1023RLX5 10" 5 HP Cabinet Table Saw, a complete package perfect for every woodworking project.
  13. Grizzly G1023RLWX 240V Left-Tilting Table Saw with Riving Knife and Built-in Router Table — Transform your woodworking experience with the Grizzly G1023RLWX, a versatile 10" left-tilting table saw featuring a built-in router table, quick-release blade guard, and riving knife for precise, laser-straight cuts.
  14. Premium Cast-Iron Hybrid Table Saw for Woodworking — Transform your woodworking with the G0899 10" 2 HP Cabinet Table Saw, offering powerful precision and long-lasting durability.
  15. Hybrid 10" Table Saw with T-Shaped Fence — The Grizzly G0771Z 10" 2 HP 120V Hybrid Table Saw offers a versatile combination of features, perfect for woodworking enthusiasts seeking precision, power, and convenience in their cabinet saw experience.
  16. Deluxe XACTA Saw with Upgraded Features and Efficient Dust Collection — Discover the power and efficiency of the JET 10" Deluxe XACTA Saw, featuring a 50" fence, quick-release riving knife, patent-pending arbor lock, and improved dust collection for a safer and hassle-free woodworking experience.
  17. Palmgren 10" Left Tilt Cabinet Saw — High Performance Wood Cutting Tool — The Norse 10 Left Tilt Cabinet Saw by Palmgren offers versatile cutting capabilities, a smooth-gliding rip fence, and efficient dust collection for a premium woodworking experience.
  18. Powerful 3 HP Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife — Experience premium performance and durability with the Grizzly G0690 10" 3HP 220V Cabinet Table Saw, featuring a robust 3 HP motor, heavy cast iron components, and innovative safety features.
  19. Grizzly G0652 10" 5 HP Heavy-Duty Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife and 52" Rip Capacity — Experience unparalleled precision and durability with the Grizzly G0652 10" 5 HP 3-Phase Heavy-Duty Cabinet Table Saw — the ultimate choice for cutting panels and wide stock.
  20. SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw 52" T-Glide Fence with Patented Safety System — Experience unmatched safety and versatility with the SawStop PCS175-TGP252: the ultimate 1.75HP Professional 52" T-Glide Fence Cabinet Saw, packed with features for precise cuts and top-notch performance.

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Versatile Hybrid Table Saw for Professional Woodworking


As a long-time woodworking enthusiast, I recently decided to invest in a high-quality saw that could handle all my projects without any compromise. That’s when I discovered the Shop Fox W1837 10" Open Stand Hybrid Table Saw. With a 2 HP, single-phase motor prewired to run on a 120V circuit, I was confident this saw would be the perfect match for my needs.

Upon receiving the saw, I immediately noticed the precision-ground cast iron table with steel wings measuring 401/4" x 27". The enclosed steel upper stand with a 4" dust port was another impressive feature that I knew would ensure maximum dust containment during my woodworking projects.

However, the highlight that truly set this saw apart from others was the hybrid design, which combined the best features of cabinet and contractor saws. This feature allowed me to enjoy a smoother and quieter operation, as well as cutting capacities that stood toe-to-toe with the most expensive cabinet saws in the market.

During my first few sessions with the Shop Fox W1837, I also encountered a few minor drawbacks. The instruction manual had a couple of errors, particularly regarding the extension wings. Additionally, the parts included for mounting the rear fence did not match the provided dimensions. Thankfully, the support team responded promptly and sent the correct replacement parts.

One feature that I felt was slightly disappointing was the plastic locking knobs for adjusting the blade height and angle. These knobs didn’t seem to hold their position adequately, causing the blade to drift after multiple cuts.

Despite these minor drawbacks, I am overall thrilled with the performance and precision of the Shop Fox W1837. Its hybrid design, coupled with its durability and high-performance capabilities, have made it an invaluable addition to my woodworking arsenal. With this saw, I can now tackle any project with confidence and ease.

SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw with Patented Safety System and T-Glide Fence


As someone who’s used the SawStop 1.75HP Professional Cabinet Saw (PCS175-TGP236) in my daily life, I can confidently say that it has greatly improved my woodworking experience. The patented safety system is a lifesaver, providing peace of mind while I use the saw. The rugged 110V motor delivers impressive power, while the tool-free quick change mount makes swapping between guard and riving knives a breeze.

One of the standout features for me is the T-Glide fence system, which is incredibly sturdy and accurate. The unmatched quality of construction guarantees that this saw will last for a long time, ensuring that it’s well worth the investment. Additionally, the compatibility with both 10-inch standard blades and 8-inch dado blade sets adds to its versatility.

That said, I did encounter a few drawbacks. The assembly process was a bit fiddly, requiring some extra effort to level everything perfectly. Though it may not be an issue for everyone, the extension table required marking holes for the screws, which needed to be drilled separate from installing the table itself. Lastly, the router table may be a bit heavy and awkward to handle during the assembly process.

Overall, the SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw is a top-notch tool for both craftsmen and hobbyists who want a reliable, safe, and powerful saw in their workshop.

Grizzly G0962 Hybrid Table Saw: 10" 2 HP Open-Stand Saw


One sunny morning, I decided to put the Grizzly G0962 Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw to the test. I recently purchased one to upgrade my woodworking experience and couldn’t wait to see how it fared. I set it up in my garage and was impressed by its design and power.

The precision-ground cast-iron table provided a smooth cutting action, which I found to be a major highlight of the saw. The cabinet-mounted cast-iron trunnions significantly reduced vibration and improved blade alignment. The saw’s bottom-facing 4" dust port was remarkable, providing exceptional dust control. However, the flimsy extension wings were somewhat disappointing, as they struggled to hold alignment.

I found the fence system to be somewhat finicky, and it required careful adjustment to ensure it stayed aligned. It proved to be a minor inconvenience but was not a deal-breaker. Assembling the saw took approximately three hours, which was longer than expected. However, once I had it all together, the Grizzly G0962 performed exceptionally well. The motor was powerful, and the instructions for setup were easy to follow.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with my investment, and I believe the Grizzly G0962 Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw is a great entry-level option for those looking for a reliable and powerful saw.

Heavy-Duty 220V Table Saw for Efficient Woodworking


In my daily life, I have had the pleasure of using the Grizzly G0651, a heavy-duty cabinet table saw. One of the key features that stood out to me was the precision of this machine. The precision-ground cast-iron table, cast-iron trunnions, and the digital bevel angle display allowed for precise and consistent cutting results. This made cutting panels and wide stock incredibly simple.

Another highlight was the user-friendly safety features. The rail-mounted lockable magnetic switch with thermal overload protection ensured an extra layer of safety while operating the saw. The clear plastic guard, splitter, and interchangeable riving knife prevented any danger of binding or kickback.

However, there were a few drawbacks that I noticed in my experience with the G0651. Despite the heavy-duty design, the saw was rather noisy during operation, which could be a concern for those working in an environment where noise levels need to be kept at a minimum. Another minor issue happened during assembly; while the instructions were clear, the process took an extended period of time compared to other tools in its class.

Overall, the Grizzly G0651 provided a smooth, precise, and efficient cutting experience. With its extensive safety features and user-friendly design, it was a great addition to my workshop. Although the noise level and assembly duration were slight drawbacks, they did not significantly hinder the overall quality and functionality of the saw.

Premium Industrial Cabinet Table Saw with Patented Safety System


As a seasoned woodworker, I’ve had the pleasure of using the Sawstop ICS51230–52 Cabinet Table Saw in my daily life. This powerhouse of a tool has truly lived up to its reputation for industrial-grade performance and safety. One of the most impressive features has to be the patented safety system — it’s both quick and efficient, providing the peace of mind I need when working with larger projects.

The cast iron trunnion and over-built arbor contribute to the saw’s impressive strength and stability, while the bearings are up to 50% larger than other models, ensuring smooth operation. The largest table surface of any SawStop saw is a fantastic bonus, allowing for improved accuracy and precision in my woodworking projects.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider as well. The saw’s considerable weight, at 685 lbs. , can make it a bit challenging to transport or move around when needed. Additionally, while the 52" Industrial T-Glide Fence System works well, it does require some getting used to when it comes to locking it down without deflection.

Overall, the Sawstop ICS51230–52 Cabinet Table Saw has proven to be a reliable and efficient partner in my woodworking endeavors. Its industrial-grade power, along with the added safety features, make it a top contender in the cabinet saw market.

Professional Woodworking Cabinet Table Saw with ISO 9001 and CSA Certification


I recently had the opportunity to use the Grizzly G0941 Cabinet Table Saw in my daily woodworking hobby, and let me tell you — it did not disappoint! One of the first features that stood out to me was its ability to consistently dial in bevels with absolute accuracy. This really helped me achieve professional results every time, and it made my woodworking experience much smoother.

However, there was one aspect of the G0941 that caught me off guard. While setting up the fence, I noticed that it would properly lock when adjusted, but I found it challenging to move when unlocked, or vice versa. This was an area where I felt the saw could use some improvement.

Despite this minor issue, I was impressed with the other features of this saw. I appreciated the rail-mounted lockable magnetic switch, which offered a level of safety I hadn’t experienced before. The heavy cast-iron trunnions also added a sense of stability and durability — something I valued for my work.

Additionally, it was nice to see that the G0941 was made in an ISO 9001 factory and came CSA certified, which gave me peace of mind knowing it was high-quality machinery.

Now, as I continue to use this Grizzly Cabinet Table Saw in my woodworking, I’m excited to see how it impacts my future projects and how it compares to other saws I’ll encounter along the way. So far, though, I’ve been quite satisfied with my experience.

Grizzly G1023RLW Cabinet Left-Tilting Table Saw with Routing Table and Dado Capability


One day, I was in the middle of a woodworking project when my old table saw bit the dust. Its rusty blade and wobbly fencing made every cut a struggle. So, I did some research and decided to purchase the Grizzly G1023RLW 10" 3 HP 240V Cabinet Left-Tilting Table Saw.

When I opened the box, I was instantly impressed by the solid construction and the attention to detail. The built-in router table extension was a handy addition that made cutting more efficient and convenient. The powerful motor could take on even the toughest tasks with ease.

However, there were a few drawbacks that I encountered during my experience. The left miter track on my saw was machined imperfectly, making it difficult for my miter gauge to slide. The safety features of the riving knife also needed improvement. When I tried to use the thin blade riving knife, it didn’t grip the kerf tightly enough, causing some kickback issues.

Despite these minor setbacks, the Grizzly G1023RLW has made my woodworking projects much smoother and more enjoyable. Its sturdy construction, powerful performance, and useful features make it a valuable addition to any woodworking workshop.

Professional Ridgid Cast Iron Table Saw with TEFC Motor and Lifetime Service


I recently started using the Ridgid R4520 10-inch cast iron table saw in my home workshop for various woodworking projects. With its powerful 13 Amp motor, this saw can handle all sorts of materials, from softwood to hardwood, making it a versatile addition to your tool collection.

One of the standout features of this saw is its durable cast iron table, which provides a flat, level cutting surface and adds to the overall strength of the tool. It also boasts a built-in 4-inch dust collection port that makes it easy to keep your work area clean while minimizing the risk of inhaling wood dust.

While using the Ridgid R4520, I discovered that its push pedal caster set makes it incredibly easy to reposition the saw according to your needs. Simply press the pedal, and the saw moves effortlessly to your desired location. This feature has made transporting my saw between different workstations around my workshop a breeze.

One minor drawback I encountered during my time with this saw was the quality of the fence. Even though I appreciated the built-in T-channels that allow for the installation of various accessories, I found that the fence was prone to slipping out of alignment, requiring frequent adjustments to maintain optimal accuracy.

Overall, the Ridgid R4520 10-inch cast iron table saw is a powerful, versatile, and durable option for any woodworker. While it may have a few quirks that require minor adjustments, its capabilities far outweigh its shortcomings, and I highly recommend giving this saw a try.

Grizzly G1023RL 10" 3 HP 240V Cabinet Left-Tilting Table Saw for Professional Use


I recently had the opportunity to try out the Grizzly G1023RL 10" 3 HP Cabinet Left-Tilting Table Saw, and I must say, I’m impressed with its performance and durability. As someone who frequently uses table saws, the 3 HP single-phase motor certainly packs a punch and makes quick work of my cutting tasks. The solid cast iron table is a game-changer, ensuring precision and accuracy in all of my projects.

However, there were a few drawbacks to this powerful machine. The noise level can be a bit high, so it’s essential to have some hearing protection on hand. Also, the included miter gauge could use some improvement, as it doesn’t lock securely in place, which can be frustrating at times.

Overall, the Grizzly G1023RL Table Saw is a formidable tool for any woodworking enthusiast, and its combination of power and precision makes it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to take their woodworking projects to the next level.

Shop Fox W1820 High-Performance 10-Inch Cabinet Table Saw


I recently had the pleasure of trying out the ShopFox W1820 Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife and Long Rails. This powerful saw quickly became my go-to for all my woodworking needs. The 230-volt 3-HP motor is incredibly efficient, allowing me to tackle even the toughest projects with ease.

One of the features that stood out to me was the extendable cast-iron table. It’s a lifesaver when I need to work on longer pieces of wood. The precision-ground and polished cast iron components ensure a stable and accurate cutting surface, even with the extended table.

The wide span easy glide T-fence system was another highlight. It made my cutting process much smoother, resulting in cleaner, more professional-looking finishes. The Adjustable T-slot miter gauge and flip stop also made measuring and adjusting my cuts super easy.

That being said, I did notice a minor inconvenience: the saw could use a shroud around the blade component assembly to better control dust extraction.

Overall, the ShopFox W1820 Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife and Long Rails is a top-quality tool that any serious woodworker should consider adding to their workshop.

Powerful 15 Amp Table Saw with 4x4 Cutting Capacity


I recently started a DIY project that required me to use a table saw, and after some research, I settled on the Skil 15 Amp 10 in Table Saw. It was a great choice for my needs, providing me with smooth and accurate cuts thanks to the rack and pinion fence rails. The integrated folding stand allowed me to save space in my workshop, and the parallel blade alignment made adjustments a breeze.

One of the most impressive features was the 4x4 cutting capacity, which made it easy to work with larger pieces of wood. The 2–47° bevel capacity also came in handy when I needed to make angled cuts. However, I noticed that the saw did create a fair amount of dust, so I appreciated the dust port elbow that directed the dust to a container for easy cleanup.

The skil table saw was indeed loud, but I found that it wasn’t any louder than other portable table saws. I also noticed that the saw had a tendency to kick back if I didn’t use the anti-kickback pawls, but overall, it was a great purchase for the price. The built-in safety features and the quick-release lever made it user-friendly, and the tabletop surface was smooth and sturdy. I would definitely recommend this table saw to anyone looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution for their DIY projects.

Powerful 5 HP Cabinet Table Saw for Ultimate Cutting Capacity


Using the Grizzly G1023RLX5 10" 5 HP 240V Cabinet Table Saw has been a game-changer in my woodworking projects. As someone who’s been using various portable table saws, this hefty saw has made my cutting tasks more efficient and precise.

The extra-large 44" x 27" extension table, combined with the ergonomic handwheels for arbor movement, has truly made a difference in my work. It’s been a breeze to switch between the riving knife and blade guard, allowing for more flexibility and versatility in my projects.

One feature that stood out for me is the locking magnetic switch with a padlock and key, providing an added layer of security to prevent unauthorized access. The large safety STOP paddle ensures that even the most inexperienced user can operate the saw safely.

The one-piece steel cabinet type stand is sturdy and stable, while the completely sealed ball-bearing construction minimizes noise and wear. The poly-V serpentine belt transferring power is quieter and more efficient than standard V-belts, making this saw a pleasure to work with.

While I’ve enjoyed working with this powerful and precise tool, there are a couple of improvements that could be made. The dust collection system could be more efficient, and the instructions for assembling the riving knife adjustment screws could be clearer.

Overall, the Grizzly G1023RLX5 Cabinet Table Saw has been a great investment for my woodworking projects. Its powerful motor, user-friendly features, and efficient design have made it an invaluable addition to my workshop.

Grizzly G1023RLWX 240V Left-Tilting Table Saw with Riving Knife and Built-in Router Table


As someone who recently invested in the Grizzly G1023RLWX 10" 5 HP 240V Cabinet Left-Tilting Table Saw, I eagerly anticipated the smooth operation and precise cuts promised by this powerful machine. Upon arrival, I set up the saw with haste, excited to test its capabilities in my woodworking projects.

From the very beginning, my experience with the Grizzly G1023RLWX was mixed. On the one hand, the build quality and attention to detail that went into crafting the machine were evident, and it was evident that no shortcuts were taken in the manufacturing process. The smooth operation and responsive controls were also highlights of the machine, making cutting tasks an absolute breeze.

However, that was not to say the machine was an absolute dream to work with. There were certain drawbacks to its design that often hampered productivity. The size and heft of the machine made it difficult to move around, and the limited portability was a considerable drawback. Additionally, the absence of a standby switch meant that the machine always had to be powered off completely, which was inconvenient at times.

On top of that, the table saw had a peculiar behavior when it came to making straight cuts. Although the ripping capacity was impressive, the machine seemed to struggle with maintaining a consistent, straight cut. Additionally, the dust extraction system, although efficient, produced a considerable amount of airborne dust that could be disorienting when working with the machine.

In conclusion, the Grizzly G1023RLWX 10" 5 HP 240V Cabinet Left-Tilting Table Saw is an impressive piece of equipment with several high-end features that make it a reliable choice for woodworking enthusiasts. However, one should not overlook the occasional drawbacks that come with its size, portability, and dust management issues. In sum, it’s a capable machine, but one that demands a certain level of patience and perseverance to operate to its fullest potential.

Premium Cast-Iron Hybrid Table Saw for Woodworking


When I first received the Grizzly G0899 Hybrid Table Saw, I was impressed by its substantial weight — it felt like a well-built, robust machine. The cast iron tables and trunnions immediately caught my attention, their long-lasting durability an assurance against wear and tear. The set-up process was quite straightforward, and the instructions were easy to follow.

The micro-adjustable easy-glide fence system with narrow rip attachment stood out the most. It allowed me to make precise cuts with ease, and the fence seemed to glide effortlessly with minimal force. However, one downside was the fully-enclosed blade guard. Despite its safety feature, it didn’t provide clear visibility of the blade during operation, making accurate cuts a tad challenging.

The quick-release spreader/riving knife system was another highlight, offering convenience in changing blades and a secure lockup when in place. The chromed cast-iron handwheels were also a nice touch, adding a touch of elegance to the otherwise functional design. Unfortunately, they required some elbow grease to operate.

Overall, the Grizzly G0899 10" Hybrid Table Saw provided a reliable, robust, and powerful woodworking experience. Its efficient dust collection system, versatile motor options, and durability made it a worthwhile investment. However, some minor setbacks like the enclosed blade guard and the challenge of operating the handwheels did impact the overall experience slightly.

Hybrid 10" Table Saw with T-Shaped Fence


I recently had the chance to try out the Grizzly G0771Z hybrid table saw and I must say, I was quite impressed. The precision-ground cast iron table and extension wings are a standout feature, providing a solid and stable surface for cutting even the toughest of materials. The cast iron trunnions, which mount to the cabinet, also add to its durability and strength. The easy-glide fence system makes it incredibly easy to adjust and get accurate cuts, while the quick-release blade guard and riving knife ensure safety while in use.

One issue I encountered was with the T-slot miter gauge, which seemed a bit flimsy and difficult to lock into place. However, overall, the G0771Z is a powerful and versatile table saw that deserves a spot in any workshop.

Deluxe XACTA Saw with Upgraded Features and Efficient Dust Collection


My recent experience with the Jet Deluxe XACTA Saw 5HP 1PH 50" has been quite impressive! Imagine having a machine that could cut through the toughest materials like butter, and that’s exactly what this baby does.

What stood out to me the most was its powerful motor, which makes it easy to handle even the most demanding woodworking projects. The Quick Release Riveting Knife and Push Button Arbor Lock are ingenious safety features that reduced binding and kickback risks, making it a breeze to use.

The fully shrouded blade was another highlight, as it significantly improved dust collection efficiency. With this saw, clean-up time has been cut in half!

However, there were a few hiccups along the way. I found the plastic fence material to be less durable than expected. Both sides of my saw arrived wavy, which added a few extra steps to getting it set up properly.

Also, while I appreciate the built-in storage drawer, I would have loved for it to come with some additional accessories, like a power cord or a power cord adapter. The process of securing the right connections took a bit more effort than I hoped.

Lastly, I was a tad disappointed by Jet’s customer support. They seemed a bit lackadaisical about resolving some of the issues I encountered, making the buying experience less than stellar.

Overall, the Jet Deluxe XACTA Saw offers plenty of power and efficiency, but could use some improvements in terms of materials and customer service.

Palmgren 10" Left Tilt Cabinet Saw — High Performance Wood Cutting Tool


As someone who frequently works with wood, I recently tried out the Palmgren 10" Left Tilt Cabinet Saw. One thing that stood out to me right away was how smooth and easy it was to adjust the blade angle between left and right tilt. This was particularly helpful when working on projects that required precise cuts.

The cast iron table was a nice touch, adding durability and a sturdy base to the saw. However, the size of the table did feel a bit small for larger projects, so I had to move the pieces around a bit to complete the work.

One major highlight was the included array of accessories: rip fence, miter gauge, and a variety of blades and extensions for different types of cuts. The quick release blade guard system also made it easy to switch out blades and prevent accidents.

On the downside, the saw was quite heavy at 576 lbs, making it difficult to move around the workshop. Additionally, the dust collection port could have been larger to improve air quality.

Overall, the Palmgren 10" Left Tilt Cabinet Saw proved to be a reliable tool for woodworking projects, with a few minor drawbacks to consider.

Powerful 3 HP Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife


When I first laid eyes on the Grizzly G0690 10" 3HP 220V Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife, I couldn’t help but notice the quality and performance written all over it. With its heavy cast iron trunnions and powerful 3 HP motor, it felt like a solid companion in my woodworking endeavors.

One thing that stood out to me was its cast iron table and wings, which seemed to be built to last. The camlock T-fence, riving knife, and heavy cast handwheels added a touch of elegance to the saw. Moreover, the magnetic switch, T-slot miter gauge, and 4 dust collection port made it a versatile tool for various tasks.

However, there were a few hiccups along the way. I found that the saw wobbled when placed on the ground, so I had to shim it to achieve a stable base. The throat plates were made of metal, which didn’t sit flat even when the adjusters were tuned. This issue made me consider replacing them with phenolic plates for a better fit.

The dust collection performance was also below my expectations. It seemed that the lack of air getting into the cabinet was causing sawdust to pile up within. I needed to invest in a better collector to address this issue. Additionally, the blade guard had some bent steel springs that made it unusable out of the box.

The washers supplied for affixing the rails to the top were too large in diameter and too close to the bend in the C-Channel. This resulted in the washers bending or nudging the rails out of alignment during assembly. It was a frustrating experience, but I managed to assemble the rails without the washers.

Lastly, the cast iron top had a slightly different grind between the center section and the wings. A uniform grind would have been more desirable, as it could affect the accuracy of my cuts. Despite these shortcomings, the Grizzly G0690 proved to be an enjoyable and powerful saw to work with in my daily life.

Grizzly G0652 10" 5 HP Heavy-Duty Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife and 52" Rip Capacity


I’ve had the pleasure of using the Grizzly G0652 10" Heavy-Duty Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife in my daily life, and let me tell you, it’s a real workhorse. The sheer size of this saw is impressive, allowing me to cut panels and wide stock all day long with ease. The 52-inch rip capacity and extended side and rear tables give me the confidence to work with a full sheet of plywood, ensuring that my cuts are safe and simple.

One of the most notable features of this table saw is the guard with a splitter or interchangeable riving knife. It helps prevent binding and kickback, making my experience using the saw more comfortable and secure. The left tilting blade and digital angle display also make bevel cutting a breeze, allowing me to achieve precise cuts every time.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks I encountered during my experience. Firstly, I had to ensure that I had the correct electrical setup for the 3-Phase motor, which can be quite expensive to set up in a residential space. But once I had the proper setup, the saw ran smoothly and efficiently.

Another small issue I faced was missing hardware during assembly, which led to a less-than-ideal customer service experience. But overall, the Grizzly Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife has been a reliable and versatile tool in my workshop, worth every penny.

SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw 52" T-Glide Fence with Patented Safety System


I recently had the pleasure of using the SawStop 1.75HP Professional Cabinet Saw in my workshop, and let me tell you, it was a game-changer. The patented safety system genuinely made me feel safe and confident while operating the saw, and I couldn’t help but appreciate the added peace of mind it provided.

One feature that stood out to me was the rugged 110V motor, which performed incredibly well and provided a level of power I was not accustomed to in a saw. The tool-free quick change mount also made my life easier, allowing me to switch between guard and riving knives quickly and effortlessly.

However, I must point out that the assembly process did take quite some time, even though the instructions were clear and well-written. Nevertheless, that minor inconvenience was outweighed by the exceptional build quality and durability of the saw.

Another aspect that impressed me was the compatibility with both 10-inch standard blades and 8-inch dado blade sets, offering me the versatility I needed for a range of projects. So, if you’re in the market for a reliable table saw that doesn’t compromise on safety, performance, and versatility, this SawStop 1.75HP Professional Cabinet Saw could be just the thing you’re looking for.

Buyer’s Guide

A cabinet saw is an essential tool for any serious woodworker or shop owner. It is designed to handle heavy-duty tasks and provide precision cuts for a wide range of projects. Before you make your purchase, consider the following factors to ensure you get the right cabinet saw for your needs.

1. Types of Cabinet Saws

There are three types of cabinet saws: open-stand, semi-cabinet, and full cabinet. An open-stand saw is lightweight and easy to move but lacks stability. A semi-cabinet saw has a more stable base and is easier to set up. A full cabinet saw is the most stable and durable option, with a stationary base and a larger enclosed cabinet to protect the saw and reduce noise.


2. Motor Type and Power

Cabinet saws come with two types of motors: induction and universal. Induction motors are more efficient and run cooler, while universal motors are less expensive but generate more heat. Consider the power of the motor, which is usually measured in horsepower (HP), to determine the capability of the saw.

3. Blade Size and Tilt

Cabinet saws typically have larger blades, which can range from 10 to 18 inches in diameter, depending on the model. The blade tilt feature allows you to adjust the angle of the blade to achieve different cuts, such as beveled or compound cuts. A wider range of tilt angles provides more flexibility in your woodworking projects.

4. Fence and Miter Gauge

A cabinet saw’s fence and miter gauge ensure accurate cuts and consistent results. Look for a saw with a sturdy, adjustable fence and a high-quality miter gauge that can handle a wide range of angles. These features will help you create precise, accurate cuts every time.


5. Dust Collection System

A good dust collection system is crucial for keeping your work area clean and reducing the risk of inhaling sawdust. Look for a cabinet saw with a strong vacuum connection and a large dust collection bag or port.

6. Safety Features

Safety is a top priority when using power tools. Look for a cabinet saw with safety features such as a blade guard, anti-kickback pawls, and a riving knife, which prevent the workpiece from coming in contact with the blade. These features help reduce the risk of injury and protect your fingers and hands while operating the saw.

7. Noise and Vibration

Cabinet saws can be loud and generate a significant amount of vibration. Look for a saw with noise reduction technology and a sturdy base to minimize these issues. A quieter, more stable saw will make your woodworking experience more enjoyable and reduce the risk of fatigue or hearing damage.


8. Brand Reputation and Warranty

Purchase a cabinet saw from a reputable brand with a good track record for customer satisfaction and after-sales service. Look for a warranty that covers the saw for at least a year and provides coverage for defects or issues with the motor or other components.

A well-chosen cabinet saw can be an invaluable asset in your woodworking projects. Consider the type of saw, motor power, blade size and tilt, fence and miter gauge, dust collection system, safety features, noise and vibration, and brand reputation and warranty when making your purchase. By taking these factors into account, you’ll be able to find the perfect cabinet saw for your needs and enjoy more efficient and accurate woodworking.


What is a cabinet saw, and how does it differ from other saws?

A cabinet saw is a heavy-duty, fixed-base table saw designed for woodworking and carpentry tasks. It has a more stable and accurate cutting experience than a portable table saw due to its larger motor and precise adjustment mechanisms. Cabinet saws are also known for their higher cutting capacity, greater control, and more powerful performance.


What are the key features to look for in a cabinet saw?

  1. Motor: A powerful motor with a higher RPM (revolutions per minute) rating ensures smoother cuts and increased accuracy. 2. Arbor size: A larger arbor size allows for the use of thicker blades, which can result in cleaner cuts and fewer blade swaps. 3. Fence system: Precise fence adjustments and locking systems offer consistent cuts and help maintain accuracy over time. 4. Blade guard: A durable blade guard protects the operator while ensuring clear visibility of the cutting area.

What are some popular cabinet saw brands on the market?

  • Delta
  • Grizzly
  • Jet
  • SawStop
  • Shopsmith
  • WEN

How much should I expect to pay for a quality cabinet saw?

The price range for a cabinet saw can vary widely depending on features and brand. Entry-level options can cost between $600-$1,000, while high-end models can be priced at $2,000 or more. It’s essential to weigh the importance of specific features against your budget before making a purchase.


What safety features should a cabinet saw have?

  • Safety switches or electronic sensors to stop the saw in case of blade contact or other emergencies.
  • Safety guards, including a riving knife or splitter, to prevent kickbacks and improve accuracy.
  • Anti-kickback pawls that engage when the workpiece binds or jams against the blade.
  • A sturdy, locking table that minimizes vibration and ensures a stable cutting surface.

What type of maintenance should I perform on my cabinet saw?

Regular maintenance, including tightening bolts, lubricating moving parts, and replacing worn-out parts, is essential to keep a cabinet saw in good working condition. Some models may also require occasional blade sharpening or replacement.

How do I choose the right cabinet saw for my woodworking project?

Consider factors such as the available space in your workshop, the types of materials you’ll be cutting, and your budget. Look for a cabinet saw with the necessary features for your projects, such as a powerful motor, precise fence system, and a large arbor size. Additionally, read reviews and compare models before making a final decision.