Arches Paper

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Arches Paper, the beloved favorite among artists and enthusiasts around the world. We’ll dive into the finest details of this paper, exploring its unique features and how it has captured the hearts and minds of those who use it. Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery, where we’ll reveal the secrets of Arches Paper and help you make informed decisions when deciding on a paper to use. Let’s dive right in!

The Top 20 Best Arches Paper

  1. Premium Arches Cold Press Watercolor Paper Pad for Artists — Experience unparalleled quality and durability with Arches Cold Press Watercolor Paper, crafted from 100% cotton fibers, ensuring vibrant colors and precise detail.
  2. Durable and Versatile 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper — Experience the versatility and durability of Arches Natural White Watercolor Paper, perfect for various creative endeavors, while retaining its vibrant color intensity for generations.
  3. High-Quality, Professional Oil Paper Pad by Arches — Experience the ultimate oil painting experience with the Arches 140lb Oil Paper Pad, featuring a powerful oil barrier, 100% cotton construction, and 4 deckled edges for professional-quality results.
  4. High-Quality Arches Oil Painting Paper for Professionals — Experience the ultimate professional oil painting experience with Arches 140lb, 300gsm Oil Paper, a time-tested treasure adored by artists since 1492.
  5. Bright White Cold Press Watercolor Paper by Arches — Experience unrivaled watercolor performance with Arches’ 140lb Bright White, Cold Press 22x30 inch sheet, featuring exceptional resistance and ideal for artists seeking a professional-grade watercolor experience.
  6. Premium Arches Oil Paper Pad for Oil Painting — 9"x12", 12-Sheet Pack — Experience the perfect oil painting solution with the Arches 9" x 12" Oil Paper 12-Sheet Pad, featuring a powerful oil barrier that evenly absorbs water, solvents, and binders while preserving your artwork’s vibrancy.
  7. Arches 140 lb. Hot-Pressed Watercolor Pad for Vibrant Artwork — Experience unrivaled artistic expression with Arches 140 lb. Watercolor Pad, combining exquisite tactile grain and exceptional performance for your watercolor masterpieces and beyond.
  8. Arches Watercolor Aquarelle 3.9" x 9.8" Block: Superior 100% Rag Paper for Artists — Experience the timeless beauty of artistry with Arches Watercolor’s 100% cotton, mould-made 140 lb cold press blocks — perfect for all watercolor techniques, gouache, and acrylic.
  9. Arches BFK 22x30 Rives Cream Paper for Printmaking — The Arches A77-BFK2230CR10 Cream 22 x 30 in. 280g Printmaking Paper is a superior 100% cotton choice, boasting a neutral pH and internal sizing that excels in absorbing ink without disintegrating, ideal for all printmaking techniques.
  10. Arches 9" x 12" Rough Watercolor Pad with 12 Sheets — Experience unparalleled watercolor quality with the Arches Watercolor Pad, a perfect canvas for your creative expressions.
  11. Arches Watercolor Pad: High-Quality, 140lb Cold Press Paper for Artists — Arches Watercolor Papers, a top-rated cold press option, offers 140lb sheets for diverse media usage, achieving a grain finish and strong durability for a superior, traditional watercolor experience.
  12. Premium Arches Watercolor Paper Pad for Artist and Art Lover — Experience the timeless quality of Arches Watercolor Paper, a 100% cotton fibre masterpiece featuring optimal wet techniques compatibility, exceptional absorbency, and distinctive hand-made characteristics, trusted by artists for over five centuries.
  13. Arches Lightweight Printmaking Paper for Printing Enthusiasts — Experience the ultimate printmaking paper with Arches A77-RLW2619BU10, offering a 100% cotton, acid-free, and smooth surface suitable for all printmaking techniques, resulting in exceptional quality prints.
  14. High-Quality Arches Cover Black 22" x 30" Art Paper — Arches Cover, a 22" x 30" 250g black 100% cotton fine art printing paper with a lightly sized textured surface, making it a highly popular and versatile choice for artists worldwide.
  15. High-Quality Arches Watercolor Paper for Creative Expression — The Arches Watercolor Block (8x10, 20 sheets) delivers exceptional quality, durability, and vibrant colors, earned through traditional production, 100% long cotton fibers, natural gelatin sizing, and rigorous quality control.
  16. [Arches Watercolor Paper:

10.2" x 14.1", 100% Cotton, Rough Texture, 12 Sheets]( — Emulate artistic greats like Dufy, Miro, Magritte, and Warhol with the Arches Watercolor Pad — 10" x 14" Rough, featuring natural-white 100% cotton sheets and unmatched rough texture for vibrant colors and volume.

  1. High-Quality 140 lb Cold Press Watercolor Paper — Natural White — Experience the richness of Arches 1795003 Professional Grade Watercolor Sheets, specifically designed for artists seeking the highest quality paper on their creative journey.
  2. Premium 10x14 Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper — Experience the superior quality and versatility of the Arches Watercolor Pad, the perfect choice for any artist seeking stunning, vibrant results and unparalleled durability for their creative expressions.
  3. Arches Watercolor Paper Block — High Quality, Long Fiber Cotton and Cold Press Finish — Experience superior watercolor performance with the Arches Watercolor Paper Block, featuring 100% cotton fibers, natural gelatine sizing, and a harmonious, long-lasting grain for stunning artistry.
  4. High-Quality, Versatile Arches Text Wove Printmaking Paper — Celebrate the beauty of printmaking with Arches Text Wove, featuring 100% cotton composition, natural white color, light fine grain texture, and conservation quality for impressive results.

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Premium Arches Cold Press Watercolor Paper Pad for Artists


As an artist, I’ve tried various watercolor paper brands throughout the years, but none compare to the quality and durability of the Arches Watercolor Paper Pad. Made with traditional methods using a cylinder mould, this paper has a harmonious natural grain that provides stability, preventing warping or stretching when water is applied. Using long staple 100% cotton, the paper is able to absorb a lot of water without causing color bleeding or warping.

I’ve used the Arches Watercolor Pad for multiple pieces and was pleasantly surprised by its ease of use. It eliminates the need for stretching the paper before use, saving time and effort during the painting process. Sized to the core with natural gelatin, the paper can be scratched without tearing or lining, ensuring that there are no unwanted surprises when creating a piece.

One of the standout features of this Arches Watercolor Paper Pad is that it maintains its integrity even when painted with multiple layers of watercolor. This is a major advantage, as some other brands warp or cause paint bleeding, ruining the final piece. Additionally, the paper allows for easy removal of paint after it has dried, providing the opportunity for corrections or touch-ups without damaging the art.

While the Arches Watercolor Paper Pad is a bit more expensive than some other options, it is well worth the investment for its superior quality and dependable performance. The pad comes with 12 sheets, each with a thickness of 300 GSM, offering ample space for multiple projects or detailed work. If you’re an artist seeking a reliable and high-quality watercolor paper, the Arches Watercolor Pad definitely deserves a spot in your art supplies arsenal.

Durable and Versatile 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper


Arches Natural White Watercolor Paper is perfect for all sorts of creative endeavors, from watercolor painting to calligraphy and digital art. I’ve used it in my daily life for just about everything, and it never disappoints. With its natural white color and rough surface, it’s a versatile must-have for artists and creatives alike.

The texture of this paper is just right — not too rough and not too smooth. It adds a nice touch to my watercolor paintings, ensuring the colors blend seamlessly and the details come out crisp. Plus, the natural white color gives my art a vibrant and fresh look.

However, I do have a small gripe: sometimes I find this paper a little too heavy-duty. It can be quite difficult to handle, especially if you’re not used to working with such thick paper. But overall, I think the pros outweigh the cons.

In conclusion, Arches Natural White Watercolor Paper is an excellent choice for anyone looking to experiment with different materials and techniques. It’s sturdy, smooth, and offers a range of benefits that make it a worthwhile addition to any artist’s arsenal.

High-Quality, Professional Oil Paper Pad by Arches


One sunny afternoon, I stumbled upon a beautiful piece of artwork at a nearby art gallery. Intrigued, I had a chat with the artist, who revealed her secret to achieving such breathtaking results: the Arches 140lb Oil Paper. Eager to try it out myself, I bought a pack and started experimenting with oil paints.

The first thing that caught my eye was the four deckled edges of the paper, giving it a distinctive look that instantly reminded me of traditional Arches papers. The natural white color was perfect for capturing the subtle nuances of my oil colors. As I delved deeper into the painting process, I appreciated the paper’s 100% cotton composition, which guaranteed archival quality and added a softness to the finished piece.

What truly set this paper apart from others was its powerful oil barrier. This feature enabled the paint to remain on the surface while absorbing water, solvents, and binders evenly. Not only did this result in a beautiful matte finish, but it also allowed for faster drying times compared to other oil-absorbing surfaces.

Although the Arches Oil Paper required no preparation, some users mentioned that they preferred to apply a thin layer of gesso or acrylic matte medium for added control and a smoother surface. Overall, this paper proved to be an essential tool for any professional oil painter or student looking to save time and effort in their work.

However, there were a few drawbacks to using this paper. The oil barrier could be quite absorbent, and some users reported difficulty removing paint from the surface. Additionally, the paper’s natural texture might not be suitable for all painting styles or techniques.

In conclusion, the Arches 140lb Oil Paper offered a unique and versatile alternative to traditional canvas or panel surfaces for oil painting enthusiasts. With its distinctive deckled edges, natural white color, and powerful oil barrier, it was a joy to work with and produced beautiful, vibrant results. Despite a few minor drawbacks, this exceptional paper was well worth the investment for anyone seeking to enhance their oil painting practice.

High-Quality Arches Oil Painting Paper for Professionals


As an artist, I’ve always been on the hunt for the perfect canvas, and after trying out Arches Oil Paper, I’ve found a game-changer. This 300gsm, 140lb, deckle-edge French-made paper is specially formulated for oil painting, and it’s truly a breath of fresh air.

The first thing that struck me about this paper is how easy it is to use. There’s no need for gesso or any special preparation, which means I can dive right into my artwork without any hassle. The powerful oil barrier ensures the paint and pigment stay on the surface while keeping water, solvents, and binders evenly absorbed. It’s less brittle than gessoed paper, so chipping or cracking is a thing of the past.

One of the most convenient aspects of Arches Oil Paper is how effortlessly it handles both small and large-scale projects. It’s lightweight, easy to cut, roll, frame, store, and transport. Whether I’m working on a quick charcoal sketch or a massive oil painting, this paper makes the process a breeze.

But, it’s not all sunshine and roses. I did encounter a few setbacks during my experience. For instance, I had issues with the paper buckling when I applied water-based oils, which made it difficult to work with. I also noticed that the paper tends to curl, requiring extra attention during storage and framing. Additionally, the paper is more expensive than other options on the market.

Despite some minor drawbacks, I wholeheartedly recommend Arches Oil Paper. Its ease of use, versatility, and high-quality performance make it a must-try for any artist looking to elevate their oil painting game.

Bright White Cold Press Watercolor Paper by Arches


Arches watercolor paper, oh how I fell in love with its smooth, white surface and tactile texture. Each sheet, a perfect canvas for my brushstrokes, allowing me to create vibrant colors and rich textures. The 140lb cold press paper, with its unique tooth and even distribution of fibers, ensured that my paintings didn’t buckle or warp with excessive water or layers of paint.

As I spread the paint across the paper, I marveled at the way the colors interacted with the texture, creating a beautiful relationship between the medium and my creativity. The paper’s exceptional quality, with its alkaline reserve and protection against mold, made it a reliable choice for long-term artworks.

But as much as I appreciated the paper’s positive attributes, I couldn’t forget the minor issue I faced with the packaging. I was slightly disappointed that the large sheet arrived in a plastic wrapper and cardboard, as it seemed unnecessary and potentially wasteful.

Overall, the Arches watercolor paper’s features far outweighed the slightly annoying packaging. Its high-quality appearance, rich colors, and exceptional durability make it a favorite among artists striving for excellence in their craft.

Premium Arches Oil Paper Pad for Oil Painting — 9"x12", 12-Sheet Pack


As an artist, I found the Arches 9" x 12" Oil Paper pad to be a game-changer in my daily routine. With 12 sheets of acid-free 140lb/300g paper, I can experiment with my oil paintings without worrying about expensive canvases. The fold-over design makes it easy to carry and store, and the compact size is perfect for traveling.

One of the standout features of this product is its powerful oil barrier. The paper absorbs water, solvents, and binders evenly, allowing the paint to remain on the surface. This aspect made it incredibly easy to work with and got rid of the traditional bumps that often appear on canvas.

However, the high absorbing capacity of the paper also led to a little challenge. As an artist, I had to adapt to the pad’s quick absorption of paint, which required some practice.

Overall, this Arches oil pad made a significant impact on my oil painting process, offering both convenience and efficiency. I highly recommend it to other passionate artists who are looking for a cost-effective and quality oil painting solution.

Arches 140 lb. Hot-Pressed Watercolor Pad for Vibrant Artwork


I recently gave the Arches 140 lb. Watercolor Pad Hot-Pressed a try in my daily art practice, and let me tell you, it has made a world of difference. The satin finish of this paper gives it a smooth and lustrous sheen that makes my watercolors glide on effortlessly. The 9"x12" format is perfect for my smaller paintings, and the tape-bound pad makes it easy to carry around with me wherever I go.

However, one thing that stood out to me was the cost. At first, I was a bit hesitant to spend that much on a single pad of paper, but after using it for a while, I can definitely say that it’s worth the price. The durability of this paper is unmatched; it can handle multiple washes of color, masking fluid, and even artist’s tape without any damage. It’s a small investment for the quality of the results you’ll get.

One downside I discovered is that the paper has a tendency to warp, especially when I use larger washes of color. Despite being taped down, it still managed to curl and buckle a bit. But overall, I’m really happy with my decision to try this paper. The vibrancy of the colors and the smoothness of the finish make it well worth the investment.

Arches Watercolor Aquarelle 3.9" x 9.8" Block: Superior 100% Rag Paper for Artists


When I first got my hands on the Arches Watercolor 140 lb Cold Press Block, I was eager to try it out in my latest painting project. The paper was thicker than what I was used to, and I appreciated how it felt like a quality material. The grain was harmonious, and I could feel the rough texture, giving my brush strokes some much-needed grip.

I noticed the paper was made of long 100% cotton fibers, which is a feature I’ve heard a lot about but never experienced firsthand. It allowed me to build up layers of watercolor without any warping or bleeding colors, making my painting process much smoother. Even when I applied layers of wet acrylic, the paper held its shape without buckling.

One thing I did notice was that the paper was quite stiff, which made it challenging to fold or crease, making it less ideal for complex folds or pleats. However, when I needed the paper to stay flat, it did its job exceptionally well. The blocks were also convenient to use, as they came with 20 sheets each, making it easy to start a new project without any fuss.

Overall, I was really happy with the performance of the Arches Watercolor 140 lb Cold Press Block. Its durability and texture made it a joy to work with, and I could definitely see a difference in the quality of my art. However, the price does make it a bit of an investment, so it might not be the best choice for beginners or casual hobbyists.

Arches BFK 22x30 Rives Cream Paper for Printmaking


I’ve recently started exploring the world of printmaking, and I’ve tried several papers on the market. However, I must say, the Arches A77-BFK2230CR10 Rives BFK 22 x 30 in. Printmaking Paper has truly captured my heart. The creamy texture and smooth finish of the paper, which is a result of its 100% cotton makeup, make it an absolute dream to work with.

What stands out to me is the versatility of this paper. It’s not just limited to printmaking techniques; it’s a fantastic choice for hand-printing processes, lithography, intaglio etching, wood engraving, silkscreen, linocut, and even collotype. There’s nothing more frustrating than investing in a paper that can only be used for one technique, but thankfully, the Arches paper is a universal contender.

One of the main reasons I adore this paper is its ability to absorb a lot of ink. Whether you’re working with multiple layers or simply need the paper to endure the wear and tear of the printing process, it does not disappoint. It’s impressive how it can take a soaking of ink without disintegrating or deforming, proving that it’s made with high-quality materials.

However, there are a couple of downsides I’ve encountered while working with this paper. Firstly, I had to find another surface to write on other than the deckled edges, as I couldn’t quite manage erasing the pencil marks without smudging the surface. Additionally, while the paper excels in various printmaking techniques, it’s not quite suitable for offset printing.

In conclusion, the Arches A77-BFK2230CR10 Rives BFK 22 x 30 in. Printmaking Paper has been an excellent addition to my art supplies. Its versatility and excellent ink-absorbing capabilities make it my go-to paper for a wide range of printmaking techniques. Despite the minor drawbacks, I’m incredibly satisfied with my purchase and look forward to exploring more creative projects with this paper.

Arches 9" x 12" Rough Watercolor Pad with 12 Sheets


I recently stumbled upon the Arches Watercolor Pad, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer for my daily art routine. The 140 lb. sheets feel sturdy and capable of withstanding multiple washes of color without getting damaged. The paper’s texture and surface are consistent, making it ideal for watercolor, gouache, ink, acrylics, drawing, and printmaking.

One of the things I appreciate most about this pad is its convenience. The tape-bound format keeps the pages intact and secure. Plus, the large 9" x 12" size provides ample space to let my creativity run wild. It’s even great for sketching and note-taking!

While the pad itself is fantastic, it does come with one minor inconvenience: the sheets are not individually perforated, which can make it a bit more challenging to separate them cleanly. Overall, though, the Arches Watercolor Pad has proven to be an excellent addition to my art supplies, and I highly recommend it to anyone in search of high-quality paper for their creative endeavors.

Arches Watercolor Pad: High-Quality, 140lb Cold Press Paper for Artists


I recently gave the Arches Watercolor Pad a try and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. I’ve always been a bit skeptical about these high-quality watercolor papers, but I have to say that I’m converted.

The first thing that caught my attention was the texture of the paper. It’s wonderfully rough, perfect for those who enjoy a loose, expressive style. Every stroke feels like it’s penetrating the surface, creating a unique depth to your painting.

What really blew me away was the paper’s ability to handle multiple layers of watercolor without buckling or warping. I’ve used cheaper brands before and it’s always a nightmare trying to build up colors without the paper giving in. Not so with the Arches Watercolor Pad.

But there were a few things that didn’t quite live up to my expectations. The tape-bound format isn’t as convenient as I hoped. It can be a bit of a hassle to remove the sheets, especially if you’re using them for larger pieces. And while the paper is strong, it’s still not completely invulnerable. If you’re not careful, you can easily tear it.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the Arches Watercolor Pad. It’s a fantastic tool for any artist looking to take their watercolor work to the next level. Just be prepared for a bit of a learning curve when it comes to handling those sturdy sheets.

Premium Arches Watercolor Paper Pad for Artist and Art Lover


I recently had the chance to try out this Arches Watercolour Pad, and let me tell you, it was quite the experience. The first thing that struck me was the paper’s vibrancy and how it took the watercolor like a dream. It’s easy to work with and holds the paint beautifully, giving your art a rich and lustrous look. It was also a breeze to create intricate details, as the paper didn’t warp or buckle under the weight of water and color.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks I noticed. The price tag might be a bit steep for some, especially if you’re just starting out with watercolor painting. I also found that while the paper held up well to several washes and techniques, there were instances where some colors did bleed through to the back if I applied too much pressure.

In conclusion, if you’re an experienced watercolor artist who values vibrancy and quality, the Arches Watercolour Pad would be a great addition to your arsenal. But for beginners or those with a tighter budget, there might be more affordable options out there that can give you a similar experience.

Arches Lightweight Printmaking Paper for Printing Enthusiasts


As an artist, I’ve always been on the lookout for high-quality printmaking paper that can handle a variety of techniques and mediums. That’s why I was excited to try out the 19 x 26 in. Rives BFK Light Weight Printmaking Paper from Arches.

The paper is made of 100% cotton, ensuring a smooth and consistent surface for my work. It’s also acid-free and has a neutral pH, so I can use it for a long time without worrying about the paper deteriorating. The buff color is subtle, providing a delicate backdrop for my artwork.

One of the standout features of this paper is its ability to absorb a lot of ink without disintegrating or deforming. I appreciated this when I used it for watercolor, as the paper held up well even during multiple runs through my press. It also didn’t smudge or bleed, which was a plus when I was working with intricate details.

While the paper is great for most printmaking techniques, I did find that it wasn’t the best for watercolor. The colors didn’t seem as vibrant as they do on other watercolor papers, but that’s a minor issue compared to the paper’s strengths.

Overall, the Arches BFK Light Weight Printmaking Paper has become an essential part of my art supply. Its smooth surface, acid-free composition, and versatility make it a must-have for any artist looking for a high-quality paper for their printmaking projects.

High-Quality Arches Cover Black 22" x 30" Art Paper


I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Arches 22" x 30" black Cover paper and let me tell you, it took my art to a whole new level. The 250g paper is a dream to work with, especially for my watercolors and charcoal drawings. The chlorine-free, cotton-blend fibers lend a smooth, rich texture with a hint of natural deckles for that authentic touch.

While the price might be a bit on the higher side, I found it to be worth every penny. The paper has a good balance, with just the right amount of sizing to keep your artwork from buckling under the weight of your color applications. Speaking of color, the deep, rich tone of this black paper truly enhances the beauty and vibrancy of your artwork, showcasing every tiny detail and nuance.

One minor downside I encountered was with the occasional slight wrinkling that occurred during shipping. However, this issue didn’t significantly affect the quality of the paper itself.

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend the Arches Cover black paper for anyone seeking a high-quality, versatile, and visually stunning art material. Its unique features and luxurious finish make it a standout choice among its competitors, and I eagerly anticipate adding more of these sheets to my collection.

High-Quality Arches Watercolor Paper for Creative Expression


I recently tried the Arches Watercolor Block for my daily painting sessions, and I must say, it has been a game-changer for me. The paper’s traditional production method ensures stability and prevents warping, which was a huge plus for me as I often work with watercolors. The paper’s ability to absorb a lot of water without warping or causing colors to bleed is impressive, especially considering the paper is made from 100% cotton fibers. The gelatin sizing of the paper also adds to its durability and prevents paint from penetrating into it, allowing light to reflect off the pigments beautifully.

However, one minor drawback I faced was the need to carefully remove the protective black page from the block before using it. But overall, the Arches Watercolor Block definitely lived up to the hype and has become an essential part of my painting arsenal. Its quality is top-notch, and I’m confident that it will continue to impress me with its performance.

[Arches Watercolor Paper:

10.2" x 14.1", 100% Cotton, Rough Texture, 12 Sheets](


I recently came across the Arches Watercolor Pad, and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. As an artist, the texture of the paper can greatly influence the outcome of my work, and this rough 140 lb. pad certainly delivered. With 12 sheets of 300gsm natural-white coloured 100% cotton paper, I could immediately tell the quality from the moment I touched it.

The rough surface of the paper offered the most relief, bringing out the colors and giving volume to my artwork. This was particularly evident in watercolor painting, as the paper held the paint beautifully, allowing for vibrant and rich colors. I was even more thrilled that it was made using traditional cylinder moulds, adding a sense of history and tradition to each piece of paper.

However, one thing I noticed was the paper’s thickness. Although it’s not a deal-breaker, it might require a bit more pressure when rubbing out smudges or mistakes. Overall, the Arches Watercolor Pad exceeded my expectations and has become a staple in my artistic toolkit.

High-Quality 140 lb Cold Press Watercolor Paper — Natural White


Using Arches 1795003 16 inch x 20 inch 140 Lb. /300g Cold Press Watercolor Sheets Natural White has been a delightful experience for me. The sheets are made from 100% cotton cylinder mould, boasting natural gelatin sizing for an authentic feel. The fact that it is acid-free and buffered sets it apart, preserving the integrity of my artwork without causing any yellowing over time.

One thing that stood out to me was the inclusion of an antimicrobial agent, which helps prevent mildew growth — a great plus for any artist who wants to keep their supplies clean and fresh. The 140 lb. /300g cold press texture lends an interesting blend of smoothness and toothiness, making it perfect for a wide variety of techniques.

However, there were minor drawbacks as well. The size and weight of the sheets made cutting a bit tricky, and I found myself struggling to achieve clean lines. Additionally, the large sheets seemed somewhat fragile compared to smaller sizes.

Overall, the Arches 1795003 Cold Press Watercolor Sheets Natural White has proven to be a high-quality product, offering a perfect blend of creativity and functionality. It’s a product I would recommend to artists and enthusiasts alike, as it has certainly made my watercolor experience more enjoyable and fruitful.

Premium 10x14 Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper


Using the Arches Watercolor Pad is like having a versatile and loyal friend by your side while you dive into the world of painting. The 10-inch by 14-inch rough paper pads deliver a harmonious and natural grain surface that makes your colors truly shine. You can trust its dimensional stability, as the paper effortlessly retains its shape and size when exposed to moisture.

Working with acrylics, inks, or even drawing on it, the Arches Watercolor Pad is a true champion that shows no signs of giving up. Its unique gelatine surface and stock-sizing make it resistant to scraping, which is perfect for those who like experimenting with different textures in their artwork.

As someone who has been fortunate enough to use Arches Watercolor Pads, I can tell you that their 140 lb. cold pressed paper is a marvel. Its durability allows you to play with multiple washes of color, masking fluid, scrubbing, or even using artist’s tape without the surface getting damaged. Truly a testament to quality and French craftsmanship.

In conclusion, the Arches Watercolor Pad is a reliable friend by your side as you explore the vibrant world of painting. Its features, both good and bad, make it a solid choice for any artist who values durability and a variety of textures in their work.

Arches Watercolor Paper Block — High Quality, Long Fiber Cotton and Cold Press Finish


One of my favorite art supplies is the Arches Watercolor Paper Block. I’ve tried similar products from other brands, but there’s just something special about this one. The natural grain and evenly distributed fibers make it a dream to work with. The traditional method of production on a cylinder mould gives it a unique charm that sets it apart from other watercolor paper.

The Arches Watercolor Paper Block is perfect for various art styles, not just watercolor. It’s an excellent choice for gouache or acrylic painting as well. The gelatin sizing really helps with color transparency and strength while preventing paint from bleeding through the paper. And let me tell you, it can sure absorb a lot of water without warping!

One minor issue I’ve encountered is that some sets come with a protective page at the top, making it a bit difficult to remove the first sheet. However, once you figure that out, it becomes much easier to work with. Overall, I highly recommend this Arches Watercolor Paper Block to any artist looking for high-quality, versatile, and long-lasting paper.

High-Quality, Versatile Arches Text Wove Printmaking Paper


Arches Text Wove is a magical piece of paper that just screams quality from the moment you lay your hands on it. It’s made from 100% cotton, so it’s as natural as it is durable. The grammage of 119 gsm gives it a perfect balance between strength and finesse.

When I used it for printmaking, I was blown away by how well it took to ink and pen. It’s like it was made for these techniques, not the other way around. And let’s not forget about the texture — it’s a light, fine grain that feels absolutely divine under your fingers.

However, there’s one downside that might make some people hesitant: its price. But remember, you’re not just paying for paper; you’re investing in the joy of creating beautiful artwork. So, even if you’re a bit of a penny pincher, give Arches Text Wove a try. You might just fall in love.

Buyer’s Guide

Arches Paper is a renowned brand that has been providing high-quality paper products for artists and designers for decades. This versatile paper comes in various textures, sizes, and finishes, catering to the diverse needs of users. As you explore the world of Arches Paper, it’s essential to know the critical features, considerations, and advice to make the right purchase.


Important Features to Consider

  1. Paper Type: Arches Paper comes in a variety of paper types, including cotton, acid-free, and watercolor. Choose the one that best suits your artistic style and needs. Cotton paper is ideal for dry media, acid-free paper for long-term usage, and watercolor paper for, you guessed it, watercolor painting.

Considerations Before Purchase

  1. Paper Size: Depending on your preferred canvas, Arches Paper is available in various sizes, ranging from A6 to A0. Consider the size of your artwork and your ease of handling to make the best choice for your needs. Larger sizes might require a larger storage area and more handling care than smaller sizes.

General Advice for Choosing Arches Paper

  1. Test the Paper: Before investing in a large pack of Arches Paper, it’s crucial to test a few sheets to see their quality. Touch, feel, and look at the paper to determine if it meets your expectations and needs. Remember that good quality paper can significantly impact your artwork’s final result.

Additional Considerations for Arches Paper

  1. Price: While Arches Paper is known for its high-quality products, they can be more expensive than other paper brands. However, investing in good-quality paper can save you time and money in the long run as it can withstand various art techniques and last longer than cheaper alternatives. Consider your budget and the paper’s longevity before making your purchase.


What is Arches Paper?

Arches Paper is a prestigious and high-quality brand of watercolor paper that is renowned for its durability and outstanding performance. It is made from 100% cotton, giving it a robust construction that can handle heavy use and the absorption of water and paint without tearing or warping. Arches Paper is available in various sizes and surfaces, making it a versatile option for artists of all levels and styles.

Arches Watercolor paper has been the preferred choice for professional artists for over a century. The brand’s reputation for superior quality paper has been passed down through generations and continues to be a favorite in the art community for its strength, consistency, and longevity. It is often the first choice for those who seek the finest quality in their artistic endeavors.


What are the benefits of using Arches Watercolor Paper?

Arches Watercolor Paper offers several benefits to artists. Its 100% cotton composition provides exceptional strength, durability, and long-lasting use. The paper is resistant to warping and tearing and can handle the absorption of large amounts of water and paint while maintaining its shape. This is particularly important for artists who work with delicate, watery mediums, such as watercolor.

The paper’s natural white color and smooth texture are perfect for achieving smooth blends, bright colors, and vibrant washes. It also comes in various surfaces, such as rough and hot pressed, catering to different art styles and preferences. Additionally, it is acid-free, ensuring that artwork created on it will maintain its color and integrity for years to come.

What sizes and surfaces does Arches Paper offer?

Arches Paper is available in various sizes to cater to the needs of different artists. The most common sizes include 7 x 7 cm (2.75 x 2.75 inches), 9 x 12 cm (3.5 x 4.75 inches), 14 x 18 cm (5.5 x 7 inches), and 34 x 45 cm (13.5 x 17.5 inches). The larger sizes are ideal for big landscape or still life compositions, while the smaller sizes are perfect for delicate sketching or mixed media works.

As for the surfaces, Arches Paper offers three types: rough (for expressive brushwork and textured effects), hot pressed (suitable for detailed work and smooth finish), and cold pressed (for softer, smoother blends). Each surface offers a unique feel and appearance, allowing artists to achieve the desired outcome for their projects.


Can I use ink on Arches Paper?

Yes, you can certainly use ink on Arches Paper. However, the choice of ink should be carefully considered, as the outcome will vary depending on the specific type of ink used and the surface of the paper. For instance, water-based inks, such as fountain pen ink or calligraphic ink, work well on hot pressed and cold pressed surfaces, providing a smooth, vibrant line. On the other hand, dry and intense pigment inks, used in inkjet printing, will work best on rough surfaces, creating a more textured and rich effect.

It’s crucial to note that some inks, particularly those that contain water-soluble pigments, may not be suitable for use on the rough surface. Water interaction may cause the pigments to smudge, resulting in a smeary or unpredictable finish. Before experimenting with inks on Arches Paper, it’s recommended to test the interaction with a small, inconspicuous area of the paper.

Is the paper suitable for digital art?

While Arches Paper is primarily designed for traditional, hand-drawn art, it can also be incorporated into digital art projects. To use Arches Paper for digital art, you will first need to scan the paper or trace the artwork into a digital format. This process enables the artist to have a digital version of the artwork, which can then be manipulated using digital tools and software.

Although scanning the artwork and working on it digitally may alter the paper’s appearance slightly, the overall essence of the original work is maintained. Some artists choose to enhance their digital creations by incorporating textures and effects reminiscent of the traditional paper texture to create a more immersive and organic feel in their digital works.

How do I take care of my Arches Paper?

Proper care is essential to ensure the longevity and integrity of your artwork on Arches Paper. To maintain the quality of the paper, it is recommended to avoid exposing the artwork to extreme humidity or temperature fluctuations, which can cause the paper to warp. The paper should also be stored flat or rolled in acid-free paper to prevent the inks from fading due to exposure to air and light.

If the artwork is framed, choose a frame with UV-resistant glass that will protect the piece from the sun’s harmful rays. Additionally, it’s essential to note that the ink should be allowed to fully dry before handling the artwork to avoid smudges and marks on the paper surface. Proper handling and storage will result in a beautiful, long-lasting artwork that can be proudly displayed for years to come.